Heat (Blazelite) - 50kg Open Sack | MOST POPULAR FUEL



Blazelite/ Blaze (Excel Replacement) this is a top quality smokeless fuel and is a great all rounder, good on all appliances, multi fuel stoves, burners and open fires, it is a hot, very clean burning fuel and produces little ash and mess once burned, top quality and ideal for building long lasting fires that can last with little maintenance this proves itself to be the most popular fuel we sell.

Overall a great quality and by far the most popular fuel we sell at a great price.

Open sack option only for customers with a coal bunker or place to have the coal tipped loose.

Please note that if you wish your fuel to be left in bags then you should order prepacked fuel (20KG) and not the opensack.

*NOTE 50kg OPEN SACK DELIVERIES ONLY AVAILABLE TO Staffordshire Cheshire and some parts of Shropshire and Derbyshire 01782 534110 for details

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