Coal Merchant Greenfield Flintshire

Looking for a coal merchant in Greenfield Flintshire.

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For the finest coal merchants in Flintshire J harrisons have being suppling coal since 1932.

We are your local family run coal merchant. Harrisons have taken on new products and have harnessed computer technology to meet the needs of the 21st century, supplying homes, factories, hotels, farms and all kinds of premises with modern, efficient fuels. As well as direct deliveries.

Highest Quality Coal delivered in Greenfield Flintshire.

At Harrisons we strive to bring you the best quality coal at competive prices direct to your door

Coal Merchants - Greenfield offering A Range of coal

We have an extensive range of smokeless coal and house coal,Solid Fuels, Wood, Logs, Kiln Dried Logs, Sticks, Firelighters, Coal Bunkers, Rock Salt, check out our website for further details.

Nationwide coal delivery with easy ordering online at