20kg Premium Colombian Doubles - Best Quality

CUSTOMER NOTICE: House Coal bags will come unsealed as of 1st May 2021. This is in compliance with Industry Regulations.



Premium Colombian doubles is one of our highest quality, and best performing house coals for open fires.

Premium ignites quickly, burns with a high heat, and produces a long and natural flame. It also produces minimal ash - meaning there's less mess for you to clean up.

•The highest quality British coal
•Easy to light
•Produces little ash
•Fantastic performance
•High heat output
•Pleasant and attractive flame picture

Colombian Coal double are an extremely popular coal which is ideal for use on open fires, and is one of the highest quality coals available today. Naturally low in ash, moisture, and sulphur, Colombian Coal will light easily and give a strong and long lasting fire with a natural and attractive flame picture.

Not suitable for smoke controlled areas or closed appliances

Pre Packed 20kg Bags for ease of storage and movement.

Best price when ordering 50 bags or more.